Choosing whether to tell your employer about your mental health is a complex decision and needs thinking about.  Please think about this and maybe add your ideas below:



Being open can be a relief

May not get the job

More likely to get help and adjustments

May be stigmatised by other employees

Employment rights supported by The Equality Act

May receive questions which could be intrusive

Employers will be more aware of potential stressors

Have to work harder to gain respect/trust


If you choose to share information regarding your mental health, you should also consider:

  • When to tell -   E.g. On application, at interview, upon job offer, when working.
  • Who to share it with -  E.g. managers, Human Resources, colleagues. Remember, if the information is given to Human Resources, they would not necessarily have to tell your supervisor or colleagues. Also,  if you tell your manager you can request that this information is only shared on a “need to know basis.” 
  • How to phrase it - think about what you may say to people so that you are prepared for the subject cropping up or so that you are confident when you raise the matter.

Remember, this is a personal decision for you.  No two people are the same; what’s right for somebody else may not be right for you.


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